At Alsup, we use the curriculum Benchmark Advanced and Benchmark Adelante for our reading instruction. We also use the "Workshop Model" where students are working in cooperative groups and having meaningful conversations about the text.


Benchmark Advance and Benchmark Adelante ©2018 are brand-new, comprehensive English and Spanish Reading/Language Arts programs from Benchmark Education Company for Kindergarten through sixth grade. These programs are built to address key shifts in curriculum and instruction to meet the demands of the new standards. 

Rigorous, integrated reading, writing, speaking, and listening instruction meets the needs of districts implementing a reading collaborative, balanced approach, or workshop model, and enables all students to master rigorous learning goals with strong resources for differentiated instruction and responsive teaching based upon ongoing assessments.

A forward-thinking approach to English Learner instruction provides unique tools designed to scaffold students to on-level materials, which are complex, high-quality texts built for today's learner.