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Mornings with Menard are Back!

2020-05-07 00:00:00

We have Mornings with Menard at 11:00 AM on Monday morning, May 11th. As always, translation will be provided. We will be getting feedback on the following questions. If you cannot attend and want to leave feedback, you can send an email to Ms. Menard at


1. What have you learned at home and from friends about helping your children adjust to home-based learning?
2. Do you know when your students are having a good or bad day of home-based learning?
a. If so, how do you know?
b. If not, what might help you know more about their experience?
3. Since your student started home-based learning, have they talked with you more or talked with you less about their school day activities?
4. As a parent, what’s been the most difficult part of the transition for school-based learning to home-based learning?
5. What new steps can teachers take to help you and/or your students improve the home-based learning experience?
6. On a scale of 1-5, 1 being completely unfamiliar and 5 being highly familiar, how would you rate your familiarity with the Student Home Learning Plan?
7. If Colorado chooses to continue home-based learning in the fall, what additional steps can the District take to ensure your children are successful with home-based learning?