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Alsup Elementary School
     7101 Birch Street
     Commerce City, CO 80022
  303.288.6865    303.288.6866


At Alsup, we focus on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports or PBiS. 

What is PBiS?

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an approach to teaching and supporting positive behavior and meeting the needs of ALL students. This school-wide approach to discipline focuses on building a safe and positive environment in which all students can learn and be successful. Teachers and staff spend time throughout the year using the SOAR language to teach students how to behave within the school setting. These behavior expectations are something that students can use for the rest of their lives to become successful citizens with great character. The common language is used by all staff so students are held accountable throughout their day. This creates a consistent, predictable, and positive environment that promotes success  for all students. Check out  for more information about PBiS.

In order to maintain this school wide, we focus on SOARing at Alsup!

  • Scholar

  • Organization

  • Accountability   

  • Respect


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